Sloomoo After School: Apprentice Level - Wednesdays @6:30PM ET

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Wednesdays at 6:30-8:00PM ET, starting November 4th, running through December 16th (no class the week of Thanksgiving). Sessions are 90 minutes each week.

Sloomoo After School Apprentice Level:

If your student needs step by step, individualized instruction, our apprentice level is the way to go! Sloomoo teachers will stop more often during these classes and provide more directions at this level.

This class will operate at a slower pace and allow for more questions throughout. This is for any new slimers or those who have made slime, but still crave a more laid back pace. 

Sloomoo After School includes a curated series of weekly online experiences, blending science, art, slime, and STEM with dedicated teachers who will energize and inspire your kids (and you!). Parents, don't worry! Our team will keep messes contained.

After you sign up, you will receive a box of everything you need for each week's class. It's A LOT OF LOOT! The boxes will be sent the week before camp starts. Details below. 

Sloomoo After School is non-refundable and there are no make up sessions.

NOTE: Siblings in the same Zoom session discounted; $225 per additional sibling (includes materials). Siblings must share a screen in the Zoom sessions. 

Materials Included for Slime:

5 bottles of school glue, 1 bottle of glitter glue, 1 bottle of clear glue, 1 bottle of colored translucent glue, 3 bottles of scent, liquid watercolor pack, varied toppings jar, 1 gallon pack of Snowonder, 4 slime containers, melamine sponge cubes, themed glitter, foam beads, borax powder for activator, 2 jars of air dry clay

Materials Included for Crafts:

2 bottles of school glue, 1 bottle of glitter glue, 2 jars of air dry clay, small paint brush, sponge paint brush, picture frame, charm paper, sharpie pen, acrylic paints, popsicle stick, shaving cream 

Materials to Gather:

A 16 oz bottle of vegetable glycerin, 1 tsp measuring spoon, 1 cup measuring cup, 2 mixing bowls, a spoon or spatula, lotion (any type will work), scissors, colored markers, construction paper, parchment paper, cotton balls, sprinkles (optional), glitter (optional)