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Mini Camp: Animal Party @12PM EST (2/15- 2/17)

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Need plans for Presidents Day Weekend? Join us for this three-day slime camp - each day involves 90 minutes of slime making and crafty. The theme: ANIMAL PARTY! We'll turn you into the ultimate slime animal whisperer with animal-inspired slimey action. 

We ship all of the ingredients so you will be set! We will also include a list of items to gather in order to craft your creations - don't worry you most likely have them around the house already.

You will travel under the sea, through the woods,  and back in time!   

You will make your own personal "zoo" of DIY clay babies - think crystal clear aquariums, clay fuzzy animals, Jurassic giants and more! 

By the end of the three day intensive, you'll have your own mini slime collection and perfect the art of color blending, branding and slime naming.

For you adults, we won't make a mess and you'll get your much-needed downtime while we play with your kids!

Let's party! 

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