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Llama Llama Ding Dong from LA

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We are so excited about our EXCLUSIVE slimes for the LA pop up that we are bringing a FEW to our site for the holiday. They all come pre-boxed and adorably packaged, so they're gift-giving-ready.

Llama Llama Ding Dong is especially close to our hearts because we LOVE llamas! They're the new unicorn to us! The colors and scent are both evocative of peaches and cream - sweet, cheerful, and pastel perfection. 

The cloud creme texture is almost like holding ice cream or whipped cream - it feels so incredibly soft. It inflates like wild when stretched for a while. You'll pop, poke, and pull to your heart's delight. Plus, you'll love the little llama charm! 

8 Oz. 

Important note: This will be shipping from LA so if you order other products that are not from our LA shop, you will receive two different packages from us. 




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