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Sloomoo Institute

Happy Pizza: Jon Burgerman x Sloomoo

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We have always been in love with artist Jon Burgerman's joyful, playful work. It brings a smile to our face and has a magical quality that reminds us of slime. We partnered with the artist, who has worked with everyone from the Brooklyn Museum to Nike, to turn one of his famous pizza drawings and sculptures into a limited edition slime. ONLY 50 are available! 

He has hand-painted the lids. Each one is unique and has googly eyes. Happy Pizza's base slime is a silken butter, where the bottom represents pizza crust, the yellow mimics cheese and the red polka dots are like tomatoes (or pepperoni). The DIY clay piece was designed with the artist, who chose the placement of every red dot! 

To pump up the happy factor even more, the scent is Nutella. 

Get it while it's hot! 

8 Oz.




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