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Who loves hot dogs, sushi and bubblegum? We do! We do!

This bundle coms with three of our best selling DIY clay slimes. 

Hot Diggity is our famous happy hot dog, scented like a French baguette. The base is a cloud creme and when mixed, the texture is a dense, holdable slime that drizzles and pops. 8 oz. base slime. 

Happy Sushi is our nod to our favorite cuisine - clay sushi but with a happy little face on the "salmon." The base is an 8 oz. white glue slushee slime, scented sweet cilantro. It is crunchy and crackly. When mixed together, the new texture is a rich and creamy butter slushee. 

National Bubblegum Day was first created just for one day, a nod to #nationalbubblegumday. But it was such a hit, we had to keep it. The rainbow swirl base (8 oz.) is a pillowy butter slime. When the DIY clay bubble gum is mixed in, it becomes more holdable and super thick. It's scented like bubble gum, of course.  

This is 15% off of the price of three individual slimes.