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Family Fun in a Box - Cotton Candy

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Host a night at home with the ultimate slime diy kit! 

This one is based on cotton candy. It's equipped with thick and glossy slimes that will turn to butter slimes when the clay is mixed in. The box also includes a mix of our creamy clays (the number of clays will match the number of slimes) in light blue and baby pink (mix a healthy handful of clay with the base slime), activator bottle(s), 1 bottle of our princess fragrance, and cute cloud charms. 

Clay shade may vary.

Note: the quantity of all ingredients will vary based on the size of the box and how many people it is for. Example: a box for two will include one activator bottle, three charms per slime, two clays, and so on.

Add a few drops of scent to start. If you’d like it stronger, add more!

Have the best time!




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