What is The Sloomo Slime Institute?

We are the ultimate interactive playground for the slime experience, from science to creative DIY. We celebrate every kind of slime (glossy, cloud, clear, jelly, ice, butter, slay, and more!) and are the first space of this size that was designed solely to poke, fold, and crunch away. 

Family-centric and made for all, we are an artistic universe full of experiments and imagination. This is the perfect place for anyone who’s ever said – or been told – “no slime in the house.” 

The Sloomoo Slime Institute is a limited engagement. We are only open in New York City for five months so that we can pack up and bring our recipe for happiness to another city. 

So wear comfortable shoes, clothes you don’t mind getting messy, and get your ticket to play with us today! 

Click here to find out about our special programming and additional events. 

P.S. Sloomoo comes from that funny thing we have been seeing everyone do on social media, where they say, “replace the vowels of your name with ‘oo’ and that is your new name.” So Slime = Sloomoo! (P.S. If you replace the vowels of your name with ‘oo,’ that is your slime name.)