The ASMR Tunnel at Sloomoo Institute features…

The Sloomoosphere

Immersive Documentary by The Mill

This is the newest habitat discovered in our universe. The birthplace of all manner of slimes. Planet Sloo is where all slimes evolve, work, and play. Not only home to the common slime as we know it, but also to Floomoo, Ploomer, Wollopers, Bloopers, Floopies, and a plethora of Chamillions.
The Sloomoosphere is an immersive documentary that takes slimers on a vibrant journey to Planet Sloo. Highlighting some of it’s greatest wonders; the Great Corooroo Reef, and reknowned sights including a peek inside the magnanimous Sloovre. Throughout the film, slime can be seen sacrificing its form over and over again, a courageous commitment in finding a cure for anxiety.

The Great Corooroo Reef

The Corooroo is one of the 9 wonders of Planet Sloo. Home to the lives of over 20,000 different species of reef slime - growing, oozing, popping, dripping and slooming around.

Sloomoo Gymnasium

When all the human hands are on Planet Earth, Sloo needs to stay limber. The gymnasium is where the Sloos practice their best oozing, twirling, squeezing with the aid of some unique apparatus.

The Town Smoocase

A space for the avant garde Sloos, pushing the boundaries of the medium, experimenting with abstract recipes and showcasing new & trending techniques.

Roob-Doog Factory

Just downriver from the Borax Mountain Range, the famed Roob Goob-Doog factory busily experiments and generates Sloobiotics and other much needed slime treatments.


The Sloo that plumes. A rare bird of paradise, the Ploomer are a visible sound wave. Borne of the Sloo anthem delicately whispered, the Ploomer travels with enchanting volume and form.


Charma charma charma charma Cha-meel-lee-on! A giant pride parade, the Chamillions work their magic in large numbers(millionsto be precise). Swarms of smileys, harems of hearts, and troops of Chamillions.

The Sloovre

Planet Sloo’s largest art museum and a historic monument. Approximately 38,000 objects from prehistory Sloo to the 21st century are exhibited. In 2018, the Sloovre was the world's most visited art museum, enrapturing audiences with its stunning slime performance art.

Bloopers & Floopies

A chance for the daintier slimes to get together in all their diversities. Each have a distinct bop and flop, which makes it easy to tell them apart. One by one, you might catch them bopping down the Sloovre stairs.


The clumsiest of the Sloos, are protected by a soft outer layer so upon impact with each other, they simply wollop off. Filled with highly charged ions they wollop around the Sloomoosphere with very little regard to the physics of Planet Sloo.


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