Week 3- Around the World

Grab your passport. We’re going around the world! It will be clear slime city this week with charms from some of our favorite places (Paris, international waters, the Ginza District and more)! You will make some textured artwork that reflects your favorite far flung locations. You’ll also have some earth-friendly “homework” for you and your family over the weekend!


  • Make sure your full name is displayed
  • Have all your supplies ready and near you (one of the bags are for “all weeks,” so please make sure you have that along with Week 1)
  • Try to get on the Zoom 5 minutes early
  • Raise your hand for questions (if it’s dire when we teach) but we prefer to have write us the chat box so we don’t lose too much time
  • Have your activators made and ready to go (a how to video is below in the next section)

Slime of The Week:

This week we will be making clear slime! Clear slime takes nuance and patience. It is not easy to get a perfectly clear slime but our teacher Sasha from @someotherslime is known for her clears. She will be teaching you the art of making clear because it is an art form. We will then use our clear slime to show off the super cute charms you all were given. The end result will be a masterpiece!

Provided Materials:

  • 1 Clear Glue bottle
  • 2 Activators (these will last for multiple weeks!)
    • Regular Activator (mix 1 tsp of Borax powder with 1 cup of hot water until it fully dissolves)
    • Strong Activator (mix 1.5 tsp of Borax powder with 1 cup of hot water until it fully dissolves)
  • 1 Bottle of Scent (your choice!)
  • Charms of your choice
  • Liquid Watercolor (color of choice if you want to make a translucent colored clear slime)

Need to Gather:

  • Vegetable Glycerin (this week Lotion cannot be used as a substitute)
  • 1 Mixing Bowl
  • Spoon or Spatula
  • 1 tsp measuring spoon

How to Make Activator Video:

How to Make Clear Slime Video:

Craft of the Week:

For our craft we will be using glue, table salt, and our watercolor to "paint" scenes of our favorite locations around the world! We want everyone to use their thinking caps to decide where they want this week to take them. Additionally, we have given everyone a special weekend task to do with their adults! You will see a special piece of paper provided this week and we will provide directions during the class.

Provided Materials:

  • 1 Bottle of School Glue (you should have glue leftover from last week's craft!)
  • Liquid watercolor
  • Paint brush

Need to Gather:

  • Table Salt (ex. Morton Salt works great!)
  • Thick Paper or surface to "paint" on
  • Cup or bowl to hold watercolor in

Table Salt Painting Instructions:

  1. Take your piece of paper or the surface you are going to "paint" on
  2. Use your glue bottle to create the foundation of your design
  3. Once you have completed your picture pour a generous amount of table salt so it completely covers the glue. Shake off any excess into the trash or a separate container
  4. Use your paint brush and liquid watercolor to color the salt crystals however you would like
  5. Let your masterpiece dry on a flat surface for a few hours or until completely dry. Enjoy!

Sounds of Sloomoo

We’ll also be playing our theme song and discussing ASMR. Below is a link to both - the ASMR is the same track we have in our space, where you can listen with ear phones while you play with slime. You’re the only people we’ve ever sent this to!!!