Slime is Weather Reactive! Please let it adjust to room temperature for optimal fun!

I am Sloomoo...

Sloomoo is made of slime
for Sloomoo’s entire lifetime
Slime is a funny thing
because it doesn’t spill like water
and get into everything
But it also doesn’t stay one shape
It can be squeezed and squished
And flattened like a crepe
Not a liquid or a solid,
(But made with lots of glue)
Slime is not binary
And Sloomoo’s non-binary too!
Sloomoo’s not a girl
And Sloomoo’s not a boy, ok?
This is because Sloomoo’s gender is a they.
Sloomoo isn’t round. Sloomoo isn’t straight
Sloomoo can be any shape, Sloomoo can even inflate!
Sloomoo isn’t small. Sloomoo isn’t tall
Sloomoo can stretch to be any size at all
Sloomoo is full of love, love for everyone
Love for those who are straight or round
Love for those who are super duper tall
or too small to even make a sound
Just like Sloomoo’s full of love
Sloomoo’s friends are too
They know to forgive and share
And treat every day like it’s brand new
Sloomoo has a goal in life
To share the lesson of slime
With everyone they meet
No matter place or time
The lesson of slime is this:
Judge less, play more
Don’t be afraid of mess
Don’t be afraid to explore
Sloomoo believes that if everyone learned
To play a little more, and judge a little less
We would all be in a better place
One full of fun, togetherness, and slimed up mess!




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