Does every person, adult or child, need a ticket?

Yes. We can only have a certain amount of people in our space at once so each "body" counts. Children under 1 years old do not require a ticket.

What should I wear?

Not your all-time favorites! Go casual and comfy. If you’re not careful, you will get slime on your clothes so don’t wear anything fancy. We recommend pants and a top with sleeves that are easy to roll up – there is a lake of slime to walk on! If you're getting the Sloomoo Falls experience, you may get our water-soluble on you. It will wash off easily.

What if I get slime all over my clothes and me?

It comes out with white vinegar and water, so don’t worry! Use the white vinegar generously.


What should I bring?

Aside from your ticket and photo ID, nothing! Just an appetite for fun.


Can I buy tickets at the door?

It is best to purchase tickets in advance and are there are scheduled times for entrance. You can always stop in and see if we have tickets available day of.


Do you offer student discounts?

We do offer 20% to college students with a school ID during week days only as walk-ins (when there is space to accommodate guests).

Can I visit the store without a ticket?

Of course. The store is open during all visiting hours.


Can I give my ticket to someone?

Tickets are non-transferrable.

Can I upgrade to the enhanced experience while I’m there (if I didn’t buy the enhanced experience ticket)?

You can definitely try but it will likely be sold out. We recommend purchasing it when you get your ticket if you want slime to slide all over you. **Our Enhanced Experience is temporarily closed**


If I get get an enhanced ticket for someone, do I need one too or will we be separated?

If you don't want to do experience Sloomoo Falls but others in your group do, you can have different ticket types. You won't get separated. You will be able to watch them as they go through the Falls. **Our Enhanced Experience is temporarily closed**

What if I get there and decide I don't want to do the Enhanced Experience (and have a ticket for it)?

Tickets are non-refundable. Perhaps you have another guest with you who will want to experience Sloomoo Falls. **Our Enhanced Experience is temporarily closed**

When do I need to arrive for my timed ticket?

Make sure you arrive on time or even 15 minutes early as we can’t grant you access if you arrive a half an hour after your designated time slot.  


What is the check in process?

We will check you in upon arrival. Please make sure you have your ticket and ID. Once there, there will be a liability waiver for all to sign.


What ages is this appropriate for?

Slime appeals to all, even adults. If your child is between the ages of 2-5, please make sure you supervise your child. We don't want children to eat slime (or their slimey hands), run through the space or throw slime so please watch them carefully. It is important to ensure they are wiping their hands (we provide wipes) before and after all slimes. As a side, we're doing special programming for 21+ from time to time. Find out more here. P.S. There is a big hashtag following for #adultslimer - slime is great for stress relief.


Do I need a ticket (if I'm a parent) and I am taking my child?

Yes. Everyone needs a ticket. We are only able to have a certain amount of people in the space at once, so each person counts. Plus, we designed this experience to appeal to adults as much as it does to children.


Is there a coat check?

Yes there is. During COVID, we will not be checking coats. We recommending bringing a bag to hold your jackets if you do not want to wear them.


Can I bring food and drinks?

We are foodies but you can’t bring food and drinks into the exhibit.


Are there bathrooms?



Are animals allowed?

We love animals but they’re not able to come to the experience with you.


Can I book a group?

Please contact us for group tickets or private events.


How do I book a private event?

Please contact us to learn more about private events.


Are photos allowed?

Yes, photos are allowed.


Do you have a lost and found?

Please contact us. We have a lost and found so if you lost it and we found it, we’ll have it.


How long does the experience last?

The experience will last for about an hour to an hour-and-a-half.


Does The Sloomoo Slime Institute give back to any causes?

We do! We are proud to support mental health charities which you can read about here.  


Is your slime gluten free, dairy free and nut free?

Yes. There is no gluten in slime, no dairy, and no nuts. Our slimes are scented and some may have a nut oriented scent but it is not made with any nuts - it is just a synthetic that conjures a scent of nuts. Sloomoo Falls slime is made with an ingredient, however, that is manufactured in a facility where there are nuts packaged too so if you have super sensitive or air born allergies, you may want to avoid this experience.


Is your slime safe?

The amount of borax in each slime is very minimal – it is about 1/16th of a tsp for every 6-ounce slime. Borax is in contact lens solution, which goes in your eyes, and that solution is often used to activate slime. Even if slime does not contain borax or chemicals, it should NOT be ingested or handled with any open cuts or sores.

What is borax?

Borax, technically a mineral, is a component of many detergents, cosmetics and enamel glazes and was first discovered in dry lad beds in Tibet in the 8th Century AD. In slime, it is sometimes used to “activate” the material so the glue molecules stick to each other, not you, when mixed with water.


How are you preventing waste?  

We are very conscious of the environment and in the midst of working on a sustainability solution for slime recycling with scientists.


What are the events in addition to the ticketed experience?  

We will offer a lot of creative programs that blend playful fun and science, learning, creativity and innovation so be sure to check out our schedule so you don’t miss things like DIY sessions with some of your favorite famous slimers, wacky chemistry experiments, and adult programming after hours.


Are you ADA friendly?

Yes! Proudly and happily. We are about inclusivity at every level.


Is Sloomoo Slime Institute handicap accessible?


Can I bring my new 8 oz slime(s) on the plane if I'm from out of town?  

Sadly, TSA will take them away. Make sure you check them in your suitcase and pack them carefully, taping them closed and using bubble wrap or something to pad them to prevent breakage.

Will you travel to other locations?

Stay tuned…