Week 3- Junk Food

We want to hear all about your favorite snacks and treats in honor of our Junk Food week! For this week’s slime, we’re going to show you how to turn out a slime milkshake! Who can resist a good milkshake? It will start with making cloud creme babies which we’ll assemble into a dreamy concoction you will love! We’ll also teach you how to up cycle slime into what we call a “calm down jar,” a soothing art piece you can keep in your room. Can't wait for our third week together!


  • Make sure your full name is displayed
  • Have all your supplies ready and near you (one of the bags are for “all weeks,” so please make sure you have that along with Week 1)
  • Try to get on the Zoom 5 minutes early
  • Please stay on mute during class
  • Raise your hand for questions (if it’s dire when we teach) but we prefer to have write us the chat box so we don’t lose too much time
  • Have your activator made and ready to go (a how to video is below in the next section)

Slime of The Week:

This week we will be making a cloud creme! We love cloud creme for its light, fluffy, stretchy, inflatable texture. It’s holdable and amazing for swirling and squeezing. It will be hosted by Camp Counselor Sasha of @someotherslime who is also the Director of our Kitchen and Experience. We can't wait to make some delicious cloud creme milkshakes together!

Provided Materials:

  • 1 Bottle of School Glue or 1 Bottle of Glue All (they are interchangeable for this week!)
  • 1 SnoWonder Instant Snow packet
  • Activator (mix 1 tsp of Borax powder with 1 cup of hot water until it fully dissolves)
  • 1 Bottle of Scent (your choice!)
  • Liquid Watercolor Pack
  • Air Dry Clay (optional)
  • Charms of your choice
  • Beverage Cup Slime Container

Need to Gather:

  • Vegetable Glycerin or Lotion (any type of lotion works)
  • 2 Mixing Bowls (one for the base slime and one for the inflatable snow)
  • Spoon or Spatula
  • 1 tsp measuring spoon
  • 1 cup of water for snow

How to Make Activator Video:

How to Make Cloud Creme Video:

Craft of the Week:

This week we will be making Upcycled Calm Down Jars! These beautiful pieces are the perfect way to upcycle any clear slime that you are no longer using. Making and looking at them make us feel totally chill and we hope it will do the same for you.

Provided Materials:

  • 8 oz Clear Slime
  • 8 oz Air Dry Clay
  • Liquid Watercolor Pack
  • Charms of your choice

Need to Gather:

  • Old mason jar or slime container with a lid (preferably glass)
  • Any other add-ins you want in your jar
  • Cup or bowl of boiling hot water

Calm Down Jars Instructions:

  1. Take your hot water and fill your jar until it is 80% full
  2. Take a small handful of the 8 oz clear slime and put into the jar
  3. Shake the jar until the slime starts to melt- it will fully melt over time
  4. Add drops of your liquid watercolor into the jar color of choice
  5. Add in the charms or small fimos of choice
  6. Seal the lid on the jar and make sure it is secured very tight
  7. Take some of the remaining clear slime and rub on top of the lid
  8. Roll your air dry clay out into a snake-like shape
  9. Coil the clay snake on top of the lid and cut off any excess
  10. Add clear slime to thee side of the lid
  11. Put the remaining clay around the side of the lid
  12. Add charms to the clay topper- put clear slime on the back of the charm to make it stick better
  13. Let the clay topper dry for at least 4 days. Make sure it is completely dry before touching
  14. Shake the jar. It resembles a calming slime globe!

Sounds of Sloomoo: 

We’ll also be playing our theme song and discussing ASMR. Below is a link to both - the ASMR is the same track we have in our space, where you can listen with ear phones while you play with slime. You’re the only people we’ve ever sent this to!!!