Camp Sloomoo Schedule

Week 1: Day At The Beach

This week, we are going to visit everyone’s favorite summer spot… the beach! We will make a vacation inspired thick and glossy slime and a “slimecatcher(a.k.a. suncatcher) so you can not only upcycle slime but also add a touch of beauty to your window.  

Week 2: Mythical Creatures

Time to let your imagination run wild and get fantastical with mythical creatures. We love a good unicorn, pegasus, and mermaid moment. You will be making your own charms, inspired by mythical creatures, whether it’s from your favorite book, movie, game, or your own invention. Plus, we’ll show you how to whip up cloud slime and how to make perfect drizzles. You’ll decorate your slime with your new homemade charms to build a magical, mythical scene. We'll also teach you how to make beautiful borax crystals - a great STEM experiment.

Week 3: Junk Food

We want to hear all about your favorite snacks and treats in honor of our junk food week. For this week’s slime, we’re going to show you how to turn out a slime milkshake with cloud creme! Who can resist a good milkshake? We’ll also show you how to upcycle slime into what we call a “calm down jar,” a soothing art piece you can keep in your room.

Week 4: Splatter Paint

A huge inspiration for Sloomoo is contemporary art. So we’re embracing splatter paint this week. We will make our favorite type of slime, BUTTER, and show you how to take these up a notch by making them two-toned, innovating with new designs and color swirls. For our craft of the week, we will turn canvases into some serious slime art.

Week 5: Science

We all know that slime is fun, creative, and stress relieving; but it is also a great way to learn about science! This week, the focus is on the scientific aspects of slime and how to alter the make-up of slime to transform textures and consistencies. The slime we’re making is jelly - it’s sizzly, stretchy, squishy, inflatable and poppy. Then we will have a science lesson on oobleck, experimenting with the transformative substance (technically a non-Newtonian fluid because it’s not a liquid or a solid; it doesn’t follow Newton’s Law). Lab coats, optional.

Week 6: Camp

There is no better theme for our final week than CAMP! This week, you will make bingsu bead slimes which are a) the biggest trend in the slime community, and b) the crunchiest of all textures, providing the best sound ASMR. For our last craft, we'll be embracing DIY Clay pieces that you can then crack (#claycracking is the other huge trend in the slime and ASMR communities). Crunch with you soon!

Are you ready for Camp Sloomoo?