Welcome to Sloomoo After School!

Sloomoo's After School program is a smart and fun mix of slime making (don’t worry, parents... we manage the mess), science, upcycling and art. Students spend 6 weeks learning to make beautiful slime creations and crafty innovations based on a weekly theme that will keep kids inspired, engaged and full of happiness (all while they’re secretly learning!)

A ton of ingredients will be sent to you the week before Sloomoo After School starts!


Week 1: Fluffy

Getting to know you! We like to begin our program with a fun getting to know you game so that everyone can bond and find connections with one another. We'll also be making what seems to be everyone's favorite slime texture: FLUFFY! Get your shaving cream ready! Plus, we'll show you how to make your very own slime charms from stratch


Week 2: Tie-Dye Fun

Tie-Dye Action! We love all things tie-dye, especially when it comes to slime. We'll show you the art of mixing colors in a way that resembles tie-dye and as a craft and then make marbled paper, which looks just like tie-dye. It's groovy!


Week 3: Fire Breathing Dragon

Time to tame the fire breathing dragons! We'll be making metallic slimes, reminiscent of dragon scales. And no dragon themed session would be complete without a craft to make dragon eggs, would it?


Week 4: Ice, ice baby!

It's an icee slime session (amazing sizzles await). After we slime away, we'll break into chemistry "class." We'll teach everyone to lower the freezing point of water and catch some ice!


Week 5: Color and Scent

This week focuses on color and scent blending. It's a fine art that we have spent years developing. We will be passing on our secrets. While we're at it, we'll make scratch and sniff paint too!

Week 6: Missing Vacations

Who misses vacations? All of us do! The last week of camp is all about making a beach themed slime as a way to bring us to far away and exotic beaches. Think sandy texture and tropical colors. We'll also whip up our very own kinetic sand for satisfying STEM.

Are you ready for Sloomoo After School?


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