Welcome to Sloomoo After School!

Sloomoo's After School program is a smart and fun mix of slime making (don’t worry, parents... we manage the mess), science, upcycling and art. Students spend 6 weeks learning to make beautiful slime creations and crafty innovations based on a weekly theme that will keep kids inspired, engaged and full of happiness (all while they’re secretly learning!)

A ton of ingredients will be sent to you the week before Sloomoo After School starts!


Week 1: Super Hero

The first week of Sloomoo After School will take us on a crusade to battle for justice! You will make a slime that transforms from one color to another! Our craft will also have you question what's possible when we turn a jar into a snowstorm! Everyone will share their new artwork the following week during show and tell.


Week 2: Witches & Wizards

This week will let you channel your favorite "House" from your very own home! That's right, this week we are getting into the magic of things! The slime is a cauldron inspired float slime. Your craft will leave you with unstoppable bubbles!


Week 3: What The World Needs Now is LOVE

We love slime and our After School students! This week, we will be exploring the fun side of love! You will be making a DIY Snow Butter slime and lovingly sending hearts soaring with our floating hearts craft.


Week 4: Polar Plunge

There is nothing better a fun snow day, so we planned one for you! This week you will be making a highly requested clear glue slushee slime. Then discovering just how cold can be with our slushee ice craft!  


Week 5: Science Week

Are you ready to see the wild side of science?! We will be making beaker worthy fluffy slime this week. Your craft will be showing just how much science is all around us all the times as we use a fun new method to inflate a balloon.

Week 6: Pet Shop

Our last week is inspired by one of our favorite things - pets! It could be your dog, cat, fish, iguana?! We love them all, yep, even snakes! This week you will get to make a DIY clay slime and your very own clay craft. No pet? No problem! We are in it for slime anyway!

Are you ready for Sloomoo After School?


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