Welcome to Sloomoo After School!

Our After School program is a smart and fun mix of slime making (don’t worry, parents... we know how to manage the mess so you won’t be unhappy), science, upcycling and art.

We’ll spend 6 weeks learning to make beautiful slime creations and crafty innovations based on a fresh theme that will keep your kids inspired, engaged and full of happiness (all while they’re secretly learning and you can get your much needed down time!).).

A ton of ingredients will be sent to you the week before Sloomoo After School starts!

Play with you soon! Get ready for dancing, crafting, science, and joy!

Week 1: Under the Sea

The first week of Sloomoo After School will take us Under the Sea! You will make a stretchy Jelly Slime and then transform it to a squishy Jelly Cube. Our craft is equally magical -  creating original stained glass that looks like it flows like the sea! Everyone will share their new artwork the following week during show and tell.

Week 2: Broadway!

By popular demand, this week we will be going to Broadway! The slime: A dual colored Butter slime. Butter slimes are satisfying, stretchy, and spread as smoothly as butter. Everyone will top their slimes with brand new homemade charms that reflect the marquee from their favorite - or made up - show!

Week 3: Into the Galaxy

This week, we will be exploring far beyond Earth and into far away galaxies by way of Clear Slime that will be swirled with galactic color. For our craft, we’ll also take inspiration from outer space and teach everyone how to morph a rock into an asteroid. Get ready for take off!

Week 4: Movie Night

There is nothing better than going to a theater for a movie night (or hosting one at home). Inspired by film, everyone will learn the art of the Icee Slime (we’ll make one that looks like your favorite movie theater drink flavor - ours is blue raspberry). Then it’s bring on the popcorn - it’s going to be part of our craft session! Yum.

Week 5: Off to Join the Circus

The circus has clowns, acrobats, trained animals, dancers, hoopers, tightrope walkers, jugglers, magicians, and more! The ultimate in entertainment. Our slime this week will be just as fun - Floam time which is full of sizzles and slime sounds made for a viral video. Our craft is on theme - think art that evokes the spirit of caramel apples and cotton candy.

Week 6: Ice Cream Shoppe

Our last week is inspired by one of our favorite desserts - ice cream! Yup, you’ll be opening a Sloomoo-inspired Ice Cream Shoppe, filling it with delicious Cloud Creme and Cloud Dough slime. The best parta DIY clay piece that brings the sundae of your dreams to life.

Are you ready for Sloomoo After School?