Welcome to Sloomoo After School!

Our After School program is a smart and fun mix of slime making (don’t worry, parents... we know how to manage the mess so you won’t be unhappy), science, upcycling and art.

We’ll spend 6 weeks learning to make beautiful slime creations and crafty innovations based on a fresh theme that will keep your kids inspired, engaged and full of happiness (all while they’re secretly learning).

A ton of ingredients will be sent to you the week before Sloomoo After School starts! The program will run from the week of September 14th until the week of October 19th.

Play with you soon! Get ready for dancing, crafting, science, and joy!

Week 1: Animal Party

Our first week of Sloomoo After School will be all about animals! You will learn about Base vs. Thick and Glossy slimes and how to make each. Then everyone will make puffy paint (from scratch) to whip up cute animal-themed artwork!

Week 2: Opposites Week

This week, things will be a bit backwards. It’s all about unleashing the imagination - think grass that’s blue and skies that are green. This week’s slime will be a crunchy, gritty Snow Fizz with sizzle-filled snow from our friends at Floracraft. For our craft, you will learn about crystal geodes and how to make a clever version of them in the most unexpected way. Lastly, it will be crazy hat, headband, or headwear week so make sure to come dressed for the soirée!

Week 3: Around the World

Grab your passport. We’re going around the world! It will be clear slime city this week with charms from some of our favorite places (Paris, international waters, the Ginza District and more)! You will also be challenged to create a new kind of slime container, completely made from upcycled items that represent far flung locations. You’ll also have some earth-friendly “homework” for you and your family over the weekend!

Week 4: Midnight Dance Party

This week, you’ll be staying up late (in theme only, parents)! Bring on the neon Jelly slime! Our craft involves DIY sunglasses and you’ll have a glowing surprise. To come prepared, wear something neon. It’s an after school party like nobody’s business!

Week 5: Bake Shoppe!

Our fifth week is inspired by one of our favorite food groups - baked goods! Yup, you’ll be opening a Sloomoo-inspired Bake Shoppe and filling it with yummy Butter Slushee slime magic, thanks to Victory Pellets, every major slimer’s secret crunch ingredient. The best part - a DIY clay piece that reflects your favorite goods and treats with help from our friends at N.Y. Cake!

Week 6: Monster Mash

One of our favorite holidays is coming up…Halloween! We want to see your favorite scary, funny, or mythical costume. To stay on theme, you will blend Cloud slimes that look eerily similar to spider webs and top them with creepy cool charms to match. You’ll get into the spirit by making potions for the occasion too. BOO!

Are you ready for Sloomoo After School?