7 Podcasts Sloomoo Loves

The chats that keep us talking


1. NPR: Hidden Brain: Why We Cant Shake Life's 'Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda' Moments

This talk discusses regret, rumination and how ruminative regret can actually create the worst life outcomes.


2. The Glossy Podcast: Highsnobiety's David Fischer: 'We're Really Doing E-commerce'

The CEO of the streetwear site and brand talks about how the company moved into the e-comm world and its future in the space.


3. NPR: The Wild

British ecologist Chris Morgan tells stories from his adventures around the world where he has come to face-to-face with bears and goes in depth on the psychology of animals.



4. Harper's BAZAAR: Dare I Say: Original Podcast Series

Launched on International Women’s Day this year, Director Olivia Wilde hosted this podcast that sparks raw conversations between some of the most influential women of our time.



5. The Goop Podcast: The Mind Architect

Peter Crone calls himself a “mind architect” and dedicates his life to helping people break free from what’s keeping them “stuck.” This podcast is one we often go back to as a reminder of the importance of authenticity, gratitude and a positive mindset.  


6. The Allure Podcast: Queer Eye's Jonathan Van Ness On Toxic Masculinity And His Signature Hair Routine

From talking about his beloved cats (he’s upset one got sick from eating a plant) to his brand new book Over the Top, his struggles with binge eating and recently coming out as HIV positive, Van Ness talks about real topics and still bursts with positivty. This talk will leave you feeling happy just listening to him as his kind, joyous energy is contagious.  



7. Mind Love Podcast: Stop Self-Sabotage

Mindset Coach Melissa Monte sits down with clinical psychologist Dr. Judy Ho, who wrote her first book on self-sabotage, to discuss why we do it and how we stop. Ho believes it’s rooted in our biology and our history as human beings.