Meet Taylor Hanes

Meet Taylor Hanes

Where slime and art come together...

We found the art work of Taylor Haynes on Etsy and fell in love with the energy of her girls - and their colorful hair.
We licensed the work in order to make a series of charms for our DIY bar. We couldn’t help but put one in one of our slimes too (Bring Your Sunnies, which is available here).
We sat down with the 22-year old, South Carolina-based artist to talk inspiration and slime. Here’s what she had to say.

Picture care of: Taylor Hanes

1. How long have you been drawing?

I have been drawing for about 3 years!


2. Where does your inspiration come from? 

I would say my inspiration comes from my love for anime and South Korean Fashion, There’s a style called Harajuku, where as long as you wear the brightest and popping colors; your totally in style!


3. How do you describe your style?

I would describe as being simple, fun and colorful!


4. If the girls you draw were to come alive, what would they do - for a living and for fun?

Hmm good one! They would totally work in fashion, ( I know cliche right! ) own there own boutique and be girl bosses! And for fun, they would go to flea markets and thrift out some unique styles on a bargain!

Picture care of: Taylor Hanes

5. What is the name Neko Leche about? 

NekoLeche came to me when I became a cat mom to my ex’s cat a year ago ( It’s okay I have my fur baby now! ) I loved that cat so much so I wanted to use cat in my name. At the time I was totally into anime and I loved how the word Neko ( which translates to cat in Japanese) sounded. Leche ( Which translates to milk in Spanish ) was one the easiest words I could remember in Spanish and so something just popped in my head and I put two and two together.....CAT MILK!!! and I’ve never regretted it:)


6. Have you ever played with slime?

Yes! My little sister went on this crazy raid when slime was super popular and kids wanted to diy them! I was such a test subject for her lol


7. If you designed a slime, what would it look like and smell like? 

It would be pastel pink and have little cute black kitty faces ( charms ) in them, it would smell like eucalyptus, because that’s a very calming smell for me!

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