Make Your Activator

Add 1 tsp of borax powder (provided) to 1 measured cup of HOT or BOILING water. Stir until dissolved.



Please gather:
  • Bowl
  • Spoon or Spatula
  • Measuring Spoon (1 teaspoon!)
  • Lotion (any kind!)
  • Everything in your kit

  • Step 1: Grab all your materials.  

    Step 2: Empty the bottle of Elmer’s Glue All into a clean bowl. Try to get as much out of the bottle as possible 

    Step 3: Add 2 squirts of lotion. If it is a squeeze bottle, squeeze for the amount of time it takes to say the word, “BLOOP.”

    Step 4: (Optional) Add 2-3 drops of scent.

    Step 5: Stir together. Well.  

    Step 6: Add 1 teaspoon of activator. 

    Step 7: Mix THOROUGHLY. It takes longer than you think. Make sure there are no “hair-like” strings in the mixture as that is activator strands, stuck together. 

    Step 8: Add another teaspoon of activator and mix again. At this point, the slime may look stringy and/or clumpy, that's okay! Trust the process and keep stirring as vigorously as possible. It may feel like it takes a while to fully incorporate, just stick with it! This could literally be two straight minutes of mixing. 

    Step 9: Add a third teaspoon of activator; mix thoroughly. 

    Step 10: Use 1 finger to test the slime and see if it is sticky. Again, continue to mix until there are no strands left in the compound.  

    Step 11:  Touch the slime to check it. If it sticks to you, add another 1/2 teaspoon of activator and continue mixing. 

    Step 12: If your slime is pulling away from the bowl, this is good. It may feel a drop sticky. If it does, add a little bit of activator to your hands and then continue to massage everything together by hand.

    Step 13: Continue this process until the slime is no longer sticky and totally smooth. This is your BASE slime.  

    Step 14: Grab your clay. Mix as much as you want of the clay with your newly made BASE slime. We tend to use a large handful to start. Now you have some butter slime. It should be spreadable and stretchy and silky. (If your slime is a little tough to stretch, just add a few pumps of lotion and smush into your slime until fully incorporated.)

    Step 15: Next comes the Splatter Paint treatment. You will do this by dipping your paintbrush into any of the pigment colors you  like and then paint the inside of the jar - it can be lines, dots, hearts, or splotchy amorphous creations.

    Step 16: Once you’ve done this to your jar - hopefully you went with multiple colors - it’s time to press your slime into the side of the jar gently; your design will move a little but it’s okay. Its abstract art. Once you do this around the entire jar, you can then fill the inside to the top.  

    Step 17: Don’t forget to name your slime. Enjoy your slime. Take photos. Share with friends. Film a #satisfying video. If you share on social media and tag @sloomooinstitute, we may repost on our Stories.  Always store your slime in the air-tight container we provided so it lasts longer. You may need to re-activate slime over time as it will melt a drop - all slime does.  




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